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Quiz Panic


Adopt a Quizzy! These little monsters are addicted to General Knowledge! Send yours flying up to the top of the food chain as you go head-to-head against other Quizzies in some incredible live action battles!Play 20-player LIVE rounds in this never-before-seen mobile game! Discover just how fun General Knowledge Quizzes can really be: - Copy the other players… without ever getting caught out!- Change your mind any time you like… and we won’t judge!- If you get the wrong answers… you can still win! - Carry on quizzing… even when you’ve been knocked out!- Panic… but in peace!=> Will you simply mimic everyone else? Will you change your mind? How about a spot of bluffing? 3 game modes -> Panic Mode: 4 to 6 players fight it out in a 5-question quiz! The winners make it through to the next round… Chaos Mode!-> Chaos Mode: 20 players, 10 questions, eliminations, select questions… a whirlwind of madness! -> Friend Mode: tackle 1 to 10 friend(s) head-on in a LIVE assault! And there’s more! - Anyone can play - age 7 to 117 years! - A whole heap of free games available every day!- The questions and players you’ll be up against are matched to your level and skills!- More than 20,000 questions!- Close to 100 question categories- New cute and cuddly buddies: Quizzies! - 100 missions to accomplish- Make your way through 10 stages of evolution- 30 rewards to unlock
From the developers of Superbuzzer and some of the most successful online versions of well-known French quizzes and hit game showd … with a total of more than 10 million players!!!